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Welcome to Eagle Aero and we appreciate your interest in joining Eagle Aero as a pilot! This information guide will give you detailed information about the operations of our virtual management company.

Pilot Requirements

Before applying to Eagle Aero, please ensure that you

  • Own a legal copy of X-Plane 11, MSFS (Microsoft Flight Simulator) or previous Microsoft Flight Simulator versions (FSX:SE, MSFS X, FS 2004), or Prepar3D

  • Have the availability to perform at least 1 flight per month

  • Have a valid email address

  • Have a Volanta Account

Rules and Regulations

Code of Conduct

  1. Be respectful toward ALL Eagle Aero staff and fellow pilots

  2. DO NOT post anything that is racist, political, or controversial in the discord channels or on your public Eagle Aero profile.


Any general rules that are broken will result in immediate termination of your account.


Activity Requirements

We request that you do at least 1 flight a month. If you cannot do that please let Eagle Aero Staff know. Special requests and reasons can be accommodated, just let us know.


Account Strikes

Account strikes happen when a pilot does not follow the rules and regulations of Eagle Aero. 3 strikes on your account will result in a permanent termination of your account. Below are examples that will cause a strike on your account.


  • Using an aircraft that is not part of the Eagle Aero fleet or registered with Eagle Aero

  • Allowing an aircraft to get below 95% wear

  • If while in flight you:

    • Slew

    • Speed up the simulator time

    • Pause the sim

    • Pause at Top of Descent

  • Submit a travel request and fly before your 1 day of travel is up


Eagle Aero is proud to partner with FSAirlines! FSAirlines allows you to mange your virutal airline as realsitically as possible! FSAirlines Flight-Tracker connects directly to your flight simulator and uses this data to compute your virtual airline's metrics.

A comprehesive guide to FSAirlines will be below soon.


FSAirlines economy system means that we have to purchase aircraft in order to fly them, like real life. Below is a list of our current fleet. We plan to have many more aircraft in the future. Click the button below to check out our current fleet.


Our primary means of communication is Discord. You MUST have a discord channel to be a part of Eagle Aero. It is a free tool. Join our server via the link below.

Aircraft Registration Form

Eagle Aero allows pilots to register their personal aircraft or suggest companies that we should partner with. Click the link below to fill out the Aircraft Registration Form.

*Aircraft purchase is subject to approval by Eagle Aero staff

Dispatching a Flight

Please view the video below on how to do a flight for Eagle Aero.

If you would like to reserve an aircraft for a flight, BE SURE to book a flight with that aircraft otherwise it can be used by other Eagle Aero pilots. After that you have 24h to start the flight (If you start the flight and abort it you have another 24h). If you don't start the flight within the 24h your booking will be automatically deleted which will be punished by a fine.


ALL new pilots to Eagle Aero must do training before doing their first flight. Training consists of sitting down with the staff of Eagle Aero to go over all aspects of FSAirlines and Eagle Aero operations. You will be "grounded" in FSAirlines until you have completed training.

Please join our Discord to access the book training form under the "TRAINING" tab.


Callsign Selection

Flight number can be whatever you want just make sure you use the right ICAO code.
When in doubt use Eagle and your pilot ID number as your callsign

Advanced Air - WSN - WINGSPAN

Aero Charter - GLT - GASLIGHT


Al-Atheer Aviation - ATE - ?

AirX Charter - AXY - LEGEND

Aramco - EGL - EAGLE

Bahrain Royal Flight - BAH - BAHRAIN

Boeing Executive Flight Operations - BOE - BOEING

CalAir Aviation - EGL - EAGLE

Chick-fil-a - EGL - EAGLE

Comlux Aviation - CXB - STARLUX

Eagle Aero - EGL - EAGLE

Eagle Aero Cargo - EGL - EAGLE

Falcon Landing (SpaceX) - TAIL NUMBER

Flexjet - LXJ - FLEXJET

Global Jet Luxembourg - SVW - SILVER ARROWS

Intel Air Shuttle - HGT - HIGHTECH

JetEdge - EDG - JET EDGE


K5 Aviation - KAY - KAYAK

Kenn Borek Air - KBA - BOREK AIR

MSP Recovery Aviation Ops - EGL - EAGLE


Polaris Aviation Solutions - RPM - COBALT

Qatar Amiri Flight - QTR - QATARI

Royal Flying Doctor Service - EGL - EAGLE

Sky Prime - SPD - SKY PRIME

Superior Air Charter - RSP - RED STRIPE

Titan Airways - AWC - ZAP

VistaJet - VJT - VISTA JET


Preflight planning is critical to a successful flight. We suggest that all Eagle Aero pilots use Simbrief for preflight planning. If you have any questions regarding Simbrief, please submit your questions in the Discord under the simbrief support text channel.


We highly recommend that Eagle Aero pilots use VATSIM when flying. 


If you use VATSIM, we ask that you put “This flight was managed by Eagle Aero.” in the remarks of your VATSIM flight plan. 

For more information on VATSIM, go to


We recommend that Eagle Aero pilots use Volanta.


Volanta is an easy-to-use smart flight tracker that integrates all your flight data across all major sims.

See more information at


One of the many features of the FSAirlines system is the ability to maintain your planes, making them more or less vulnerable to failures and damage.


Failures that can happen include:


  • Gear failure: The gear is stuck and cannot be moved anymore (In FSX gear goes up automatically before it's stuck).

  • Flaps failure: The flaps are stuck and cannot be moved anymore (In FSX flaps go up automatically before they're stuck).

  • Engine failure: One of the engines stops suddenly (In FSX it starts burning first).


Do not fly an airplane once it gets down to 96% status. You will get a strike on your account if you fly and aircraft below 95%. 

Once an airplane gets to 96%, Eagle Aero staff will initiate an A-Check on the airplane. An A-Check will take 1 day.

Jumpseat System

In order to jump seat, go to the FSAirlines Crew Center and click on "Book Flight" on the left side. Then click "Buy Ticket" on the right hand side and type in the destination that you would like to jump seat to. Then click Enter. It will cost to jump seat so make sure you have enough in your account before you buy a ticket.